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      After-sales service

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      Pre-sale, sale and after-sale service guarantee system

      At the beginning of sales, we will have professional sales engineers to communicate with you patiently, understand your needs, and choose the right solution for you. We accept exclusive customization for your special needs.

      From the time the equipment arrives at the customer, the equipment will be guaranteed free of charge for one year for failures caused by quality reasons.

      From the time the equipment arrives at the customer, the failure caused by the quality of the non-machine tool itself is also guaranteed to cooperate actively, repair and maintain.

      From the time the equipment arrives at the customer, it is really worry-free to purchase the machine. Ruikong Customer Service Center is equipped with specialized maintenance engineers to provide timely services to minimize the losses caused by the delay in production of equipment.

      Any time you need help and advice when using Ruikong products, you are welcome to call Ruikong Service Center, and we will provide you with services.

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