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      • 三軸鋁材精雕機.jpg

      Three-axis engraving machine

      It is widely used in machinery manufacturing and scientific research institutes, wind power generation, musical instruments, moulds, woodworking and other fields in the mould industry, metal parts processing industry, musical instruments industry.

      Key words: mold processing center丨numerical control machine tool丨gantry processing center丨five-axis processing center丨musical instrument processing center

      Product Message

      Product Details

      machine features]

      · Split casting table, quenching and aging treatment, precision grinding machine track processing, to ensure mechanical accuracy;

      External circulation cutting oil processing mode, equipped with slag collection box, to ensure that the processing site is clean and tidy;

      · X, Y, Z three-axis imported high-precision rectangular linear guide, super load bearing capacity, fast displacement and high positioning accuracy;

      · High-precision ball screw pair, pre-tightening nut, high transmission accuracy, can ensure that the mechanical error is small for a long time;

      · High precision coupling, at high speed, high torque, no slip;

      · Humanized control handwheel, easy to operate;

      · Bed independent lubrication system design, to ensure that the moving parts durable;

      Internal circulation oil cooling spindle device, external circulation tool cooling device;

      · High-power, high-speed oil-cooled spindle, precision ER series elastic chuck, high precision, small deflection;

      Configuration of water-cooled spindle, good sealing performance, with blowing, waterproof fog;

      · Configuration of special water cooler, fully sealed. Dust and other debris can not enter the cooling cycle system, durable;

      All processed parts are processed by high-precision grinding, high precision, no deformation;

      The control cabinet adopts a fully sealed device, dust and water vapor are completely isolated, and the industrial control system and circuit parts are kept dry and free of dust, which is durable;

      · Water circulation through multi-stage filtration, keep no impurities in the cooling water

      · Open software interface, compatible with MaterCAM, ArtCAM, Cimation, Pro-E, UG, AutoCAD, carved and other design software, simple operation, wide application;


      technical parameters]



      X, Y, Z axis travel


      Workbench travel


      Feed height


      Spindle power


      Maximum operating speed

      20 m/min

      Maximum engraving speed

      12 m/min



      Repeated positioning accuracy


      Machine table

      Split type high strength cast iron T-slot table topSpray

      Mechanical accuracy

      XY perpendicularity 0.02 ZX perpendicularity 0.02 plane parallelism 0.1

      Positioning accuracy


      Operating environment

      Temperature 5~35

      Control mode

      Taiwan new generation original servo motor (Z axis with brake system)

      Control System

      High Performance Taiwan New Generation Absolute Value Control System

      Optional Spindle/Chuck

      ER25 chuck: 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12

      Interface Interface


      Spindle Revolutions


      Overall transport weight


      Machine control voltage


      Tool change mode

      Manual tool change

      Automatic tool-setting instrument

      Tool precision 0.01mm optional parts



      After years of precipitation and accumulation, Ruikong has successively developed three series of CNC musical instrument machining center, CNC metal machining center, and CNC woodworking machining center with dozens of professional CNC products, including various three-axis, four-axis, and five-axis CNC machine tools. It is widely used in different fields such as machinery manufacturing, scientific research institutes, wind power generation, musical instruments, molds, and woodworking, at present in the mold industry, metal parts processing industry, musical instrument industry has a loyal customer base, products sold at home and abroad.

      Online message

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