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      • 雙頭四軸吉他加工中心.jpg

      Double-head four-axis guitar machining center

      It is widely used in machinery manufacturing and scientific research institutes, wind power generation, musical instruments, moulds, woodworking and other fields in the mould industry, metal parts processing industry, musical instruments industry.

      Key words: mold processing center丨numerical control machine tool丨gantry processing center丨five-axis processing center丨musical instrument processing center

      Product Message

      Product Details

      machine features]

      · The whole square welding bed, gas protection welding, high temperature tempering treatment, bed stability, no deformation, long-term to ensure mechanical accuracy;

      · X, Y, Z three-axis imported high-precision rectangular linear guide, super load bearing capacity, fast displacement and high positioning accuracy;

      · High-precision ball screw pair, pre-tightening nut, high transmission accuracy, can ensure that the mechanical error is small for a long time;

      · High precision coupling, at high speed, high torque, no slip;

      · Bed independent lubrication system design, to ensure that the moving parts durable;

      · High-speed integrated multi-axis motion controller, smooth operation, high precision;

      High power, high speed Taiwan mechanical spindle, precision ER series elastic chuck, high precision, small deflection;

      All processed parts are processed by high-precision grinding, high precision, no deformation;

      The control cabinet adopts a fully sealed device, dust and water vapor are completely isolated, and the computer system and circuit parts are kept dry and free of dust, which is durable;

      · Open software interface, compatible with MaterCAM, ArtCAM, Cimation, Pro-E, UG, AutoCAD, carved and other design software, simple operation, wide application;


      technical parameters]



      Bed configuration

      The beam and base adopt square welding bed, and the table top adopts aluminum profile, which has light weight, good dynamic performance and high strength.

      effective processing area

      2500X4000 X1000mm

      Triaxial stroke

      X2530 * Y4030 * Z800mm (due to the length of the tool, the stroke needs to be 150MM lower than the feed height)

      Spindle power

      Taiwan Jian Chun machinery spindle

      Power consumption (without spindle)


      Guide rail specifications

      X, Z adopts Taiwan silver 45MM large guide rail

      screw rod specifications

      X,Z use Taiwan silver 50MM rolling heavy-duty screw.

      X.Y.Z Shaft Dust

      Imported nylon cloth waterproof and oil-proof, high temperature resistant.

      Y-axis configuration

      Double track, Taiwan YYC rack and pinion

      Maximum operating speed

      20 m/min (this is a theoretical value, long-term operation at this speed is not recommended)

      Maximum processing speed

      10 m/min



      Repeated positioning accuracy


      Table flatness


      Mechanical accuracy

      XY perpendicularity 0.02/400mm ZX perpendicularity 0.02/400mm

      Positioning accuracy

      X axis/Y axis/Z axis: 0.01mm/300mm

      Operating environment

      Temperature -5~35

      Control mode

      Taiwan's new generation of absolute value servo motor, Z axis with brake system!

      Control System

      High-performance new generation 6MA control system, 10.4-inch industrial color LCD screen, absolute value position system, omnidirectional protection!

      Accessories I

      Matching knife lock holder

      Accessories II

      One set of pressure plate for supporting workbench

      Interface Interface


      Spindle Revolutions


      Chip removal device


      Overall transport weight

      about 10 tons

      Machine control voltage




      After years of precipitation and accumulation, Ruikong has successively developed three series of CNC musical instrument machining center, CNC metal machining center, and CNC woodworking machining center with dozens of professional CNC products, including various three-axis, four-axis, and five-axis CNC machine tools. It is widely used in different fields such as machinery manufacturing, scientific research institutes, wind power generation, musical instruments, molds, and woodworking, at present in the mold industry, metal parts processing industry, musical instrument industry has a loyal customer base, products sold at home and abroad.

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